About Us

The ArtHaven Founders

The Belief

ArtHaven believes that any artist striving for success in their craft will achieve success in their life.

The Problem

The path of an artist is perilous, where the level of success is often marked by a disproportionate level of sacrifice.  While this can be said for many careers of passion, the idea of the ‘starving artist’ is globally pervasive and generally accepted without question.  Everyone knows if you want to be a dedicated artist, you must be prepared to make great sacrifices.

The Solution

ArtHaven seeks to assist artists on their journey, and change that perilous path of unknowns and pitfalls, to a road full of adventure, excitement, and support.  We cultivate and promote artists through content creation, community building, and media exposure.

Our Mantra

Show up. Love. Support.

We show up for artists. Their events, their gatherings, ArtHaven is there.

We love artists. ArtHaven takes pictures and shoots videos for artists, then provides them with the raw content for their social media accounts. ArtHaven works with artists on special projects. From story boards to logistics, ArtHaven helps to secure talent, space, and resources to bridge artists’ dreams with reality. These services are free to artists.

We support artists. ArtHaven has an ever increasing network of support and shares this network with creatives seeking to take their craft to the next level.  ArtHaven has an ever expanding media presence and provides increased exposure for artists by showcasing them on the ArtHaven platform. These services are free to artists.

Support the Mission

If you are a creative or supporter of the arts, you can use the affiliate support link, participate in the ‘No More Starving Artists!’ movementand view our original blog series. Share your thoughts and ideas and follow us on social media because your input and support are invaluable!

Founded in 2016, the ArtHaven team currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. The majority of our activities are conducted locally, and we have an ever expanding web presence.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share in our great adventures as we bring art and artists into your life.