Las Vegas Cultural Renaissance Episode 00

You want to be entertained.  Las Vegas wants to entertain you.  

Entertainment is a fundamental part of Las Vegas’ cultural DNA.  Everyday and every night, shows, events, festivals, pop-ups, and meet ups decorate streets and venues all over the city. There is a lot to see in this fair city, and we’re not just talking about the events that pepper the famous Las Vegas strip.

It is important to know that Las Vegas has a local creative culture that is inclusive, entertaining, and increasingly diverse.  Painters, muralists, clothing brands, vocal artists, producers, DJs, crafters, pod-casters, streamers, photographers, videographers, the list goes on. This is important to know because you have to explore art and creativity in order to live a life filled with meaning.

You want to be entertained. Local Las Vegas knows how to entertain you.

The ArtHaven team is all about discovering art and artists.  We want to support our creative community and experience the joy of living a life filled with beauty. We want you along for the journey so that you can experience the excitement of being part of a profoundly unique creative movement.

We were new, innocent maybe, in our last series where we took our best guess, and journeyed through Las Vegas to get a lay of the creative land. We’re no longer new, and our innocence is a topic best left for a different blog series. Don’t worry about it. We’ve met some folks, taken a few pictures, hung out, and carried equipment.  We’re ready to share our experiences with you.

This series will reveal to you the hidden gems of Las Vegas, the power of exploring art, and the importance of showing up for your community. Caution!  This series contains 100% Las Vegas culture. This isn’t the club scene. We won’t be going to the strip. 

Welcome to Las Vegas Renaissance!

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About the Pictures

The pictures in this post were taken in the iconic Las Vegas Arts District in early 2019, learn more here.

Explore Art?

How and where do you explore art? Let us know in the comments below, or maybe just let us know how we can do better.

Thank you for showing up! Check back soon, Las Vegas Cultural Renaissance Episode 1 coming soon!

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