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Art Adventures Episode 00


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AA Intro 01What does it mean to actively seek a life filled with meaning?

In our hearts we hold many silences.  Too often we do not connect with one another, holding secret our feelings and emotions.  Too often we do not seek to connect with nature and take our bodies into the outside world.  Too often we deny ourselves new experiences, sacrificing new knowledge for the comfort of familiarity.  

Still, there exists in every one of us a deep seated desire to explore the unknown, and reaffirm our own existence by throwing our weak and impressionable selves against external forces. We are, and forever will be, adventurers.

There are many ways that we choose to express our adventurous spirits.  We dedicate our lives to family, career, community, religion, and for a lucky few, our passions.  We strive to bring meaning into one another’s lives. Though we often find ourselves dwelling, and finding satisfaction in the warm pool of daily routine, we cannot deny an inner fear of living an ordinary life. Our adventurous selves crave validation, meaning, and self-expression.

How do we self-express, and what brings meaning into our lives? What keeps the fear of an ordinary life at bay?  Our lives are formed by imagination, where we reshape the past and dream the future.  We are both individually and collectively, artists. We are continuously painting the world in the powerful and intimate colors of our will.

In those moments when we are drowned by monotony, immersion in art saves us and we are reminded of our ability to breathe life into the part of our identity that defies categorization.  We become something new, something dreamed.

The Artist, the Dreamer, and the Star; we three are the ArtHaven team. Each of us seeks something different, each of us seeks knowledge beyond our consciousness, and each of us carries our uniquely sharp perspective like a loaded weapon.  We are discerning narrators of ‘reality,’ and we are alive.

Join the ArtHaven team as we explore the Las Vegas art scene and try to uncover a hidden dimension of this bejeweled city.  The Art Adventures blog series features visceral and emotional stories about our outings into the art community where we encounter complex displays of personal and group expression in an attempt to keep our souls free of the pervasive desert dust.

Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.  What adventures have brought meaning into your life?  How do you experience art?  Where would you like to see us go?

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